Elena Piermarini
Chions (PN)
Employee - 35 years old
Today: Junior Procurement, Supplier Orders and Warehouse Management - Unit 5
Qualification: Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, Master's Degree in International Relations, Master's Degree in Evaluation, Training and Development of Human Resources. With the Company since 02/10/2017:
  • Production Office Employee

Since October 2017, I’ve been working in the Unit 5 Production Office, dealing with materials purchases and supplies. Every day, I visit the production departments and interact directly with the operators. Dealing with production is always very interesting, I meet new challenges every day and I like it because I always deal with very competent people who allow me to grow more and more each day.

What was your course of study? I graduated in Political Science in Rome and then I took a Master’s Programme in Evaluation, Training and Development of Human Resources in Padua.

Had you worked in a company of this size before? No. This is something I really like because there are so many interesting things to learn each day.

What was it like getting used to a workplace where there are mostly men? A bit complicated at first. Women are always seen under a certain light by men. But you must always assert yourself, because many minds together achieve great results.

Do you have any future professional growth projects? Any aspirations? Certainly. I think it is important to wake up every day with enthusiasm so you can come to work and grow each day and keep improving your contribution to the company.