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An Italian family business.
For 40 years.

History can change time and space.
In 40 years we’ve grown from a small one-man business into a corporation employing over 1000 people. We set out from Italy to reach Europe and from there the rest of the world. Despite our rapid evolution something has not changed: the sound foundations typical of a familyrun business and a strong Made in Italy identity.
We fly far without loosing our roots.


Right from the beginning, Friul Intagli has combined the virtues of an area with a strong furniture-making tradition with a decidedly innovative approach. In 1968 Inaco Maccan, with his first business venture, began developing his own personal vision: to turn existing manufacturing standards into a cutting-edge industrial process, using the latest technologies and producing items in large quantities.


The first step was to specialise in innovative facing materials for components, which soon became the company’s core business. This winning stroke of intuition was followed by an expansion of the corporate base, a new production site and the change to the firm’s current name.


Friul Intagli grew rapidly and constantly, becoming a corporation. The increasing demand for more specific products and processes led to the creation of new affiliates that opened up new areas of intervention. These were the years of major economic expansion. The company identified and seized the opportunities alongside the positive trend presented by the market.


This was the decade that made the difference.
The size, the know-how and the original items produced took the company beyond Italian borders and into Europe. The time had come to start exporting and working hand in hand with leading international players. Friul Intagli now had 4 factories, almost 400 employees and was producing tens of thousands of pieces a day.


Significant advances in manufacturing technology and continued investments provided a springboard for unrivalled growth. This in turn presented Friul Intagli as a world class manufacturer and the leader within its sector. High quality Italian-crafted products and large numbers have earned Friul Intagli its reputation as a major European manufacturer.


The organisation took on its current form, composed of 10 industrial units.
The aim of this rational, efficient structure is to solve any problems that may arise and to draw up strategies for the future, so as to optimise time management by dividing the work flow up into highly specialised segments able to guarantee top performance and envision future scenarios.

Our factory

Today the covered surface area of Friul Intagli occupies 250,000 sq metres. Our factory is the beating heart of a concrete project, the place where work is a valuable ingredient of our success, where different types of intelligence and a strong production system create continual synergies.