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Friul Intagli’s design team is highly experienced in tackling the most complex of projects.
The combination of a highly skilled technical team, a tailored production capacity and a state-of-the-art logistical service make us the perfect partner. Throughout our history we have furnished high-profile skyscrapers with cutting-edge solutions, luxury hotels with prestige items, latest-generation shopping and business centres, hospitals, villas, resorts: a whole host of successful projects.


Fully furnished apartments in skyscrapers all over the world


Offices, banks and waiting rooms...


Complete bedroom furnishings, cabinet and wardrobe space, bathrooms in classic or contemporary styles


Areas for specific uses


Meeting areas, reception areas...


Cruise ships and yachts, bedrooms and public areas

Floor Unit Package
01 K 3/24

A full service company

Ultimately, what makes all of this possible is perfect organisation that aims for excellence. From staff training to technological investments, as well as customisation at every stage of the supply process, research and development and production efficiencies, the whole system operates efficiently thanks to an organisation that makes the seemingly impossible feasible.

We can offer you much more than a simple outsourced production department: we are an independent supplier able to deal with numerous activities and to take the management of several stages off your hands, thus allowing you to contain costs.