Friul Intagli is represented by the value of its people. Skilfulness and passion are the basis of the contribution provided every day by our staff in order to achieve our common goals. Human resources that are motivated, willing and able to commit themselves to growing together...

We want to attract, engage and help grow people with potential, inspired by technology and who are innovators. People inspired by work challenges and with a sense of responsibility to create professional harmony and allow constructive growth.

Job Opportunities

We believe that people can provide the most important improvements and contributions. The open searches are based on our need for dynamic young people, professionals and managers who wish to join a company geared for challenges and successes.
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Internships and Traineeships

Friul Intagli invests in training courses for young people in school, newly graduated diploma holders eager to start a career and new universe graduates looking for their first work experience or a structured company to develop their thesis. Internships and traineeships are opportunities to get to know the Company and to be involved in challenging and stimulating business projects with the goal of training professionals and creating a professional path. The know-how imparted by our in-house mentors allows you to develop your skills and achieve your training objectives.
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Spontaneous applications

We welcome spontaneous applications. You can register on our website and submit an application that will be made available for future professional needs.
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Selection process

We are an equal opportunity employer. We select new personnel using impartial and transparent procedures.
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