History can change time and space. In 50 years we’ve grown from a small one-man business into a corporation employing over 2.000 people. We set out from Italy to reach Europe and from there the rest of the world. Despite our rapid evolution something has not changed: cornerstones of a family-run business and a strong Made in Italy identity. We spread our wings without losing our roots.
Right from the beginning, Friul Intagli has combined the virtues of an area with a strong furniture-making tradition with a decidedly innovative approach. In 1968 Inaco Maccan, with his first business venture, began developing his own personal vision: to turn existing manufacturing standards into a cutting-edge industrial process, using the latest technologies and producing items in large quantities.
The first step was to specialise in innovative facing materials for components, which soon became the company’s core business. This winning stroke of intuition was followed by an expansion of the corporate base, a new production site and the change to the firm’s current name.
Friul Intagli grew rapidly and constantly, becoming a corporation. The increasing demand for more specific products and processes led to the creation of new affiliates that opened up new areas of intervention. These were the years of major economic expansion. The company identified and seized the opportunities alongside the positive trend presented by the market.
This was the decade that made the difference. The size, the know-how and the original items produced took the company beyond Italian borders and into Europe. The time had come to start exporting and working hand in hand with leading international players. Friul Intagli now had 4 factories, almost 400 employees and was producing tens of thousands of pieces a day.
New technologies and computerization offer great chances, which become the strategic incentives of our growth. Huge investments have deeply changed production which has then led the company to be a leader in its sector. Production Made in Italy, quality and big figures have earned Friul Intagli a reputation as one of the major European manufacturers.
The constant growth is always linked to a continuous improvement: Friul Intagli begins a logistics reorganization process with the creation of a Distribution Centre that introduces advanced handling technologies and sophisticated tracking systems. Moreover, a deep verticalization integrates a great number of activities within the company in order to obtain the finished product by completing the entire production cycle.
Friul Intagli is made up of 13 units with an efficient organizational set-up and rationalized production flows in order to meet all the needs and achieve better performances.