Manufacturing skill remains the most important ingredient, but smart design is where the difference lies."Inaco MaccanFriul Intagli President
Our company

Our values

People, technology, best value for money products and sustainability: they’re not just concepts we believe in, but concrete values that we share, which drive our company, allow us to face the challenges of every day and lean us towards the future with great confidence.


To be the world’s leading manufacturer
of custom components and furniture while making sure that our customers
get the best value for their money.


By developing and implementing new technologies,
together with continuous employee training,
Friul Intagli Industries wants to constantly improve its
quality standards and pursue the sustainability and optimization of resources and processes.

Friul Intagli today

Today the covered surface area of Friul Intagli occupies 350.000 sqm, divided in two main manufacturing areas: Villanova di Prata (PN) where find place also the headquarters and Portobuffolè (TV).
Our factory is the beating heart of a concrete project, the place where work is a valuable ingredient of our success, where different types of intelligence and a strong production system create continual synergies.


In these 50 years of life, Friul Intagli has achieved a huge success in technical and industrial terms in a highly innovative field. Flexibility, dynamism and a remarkable ability to predict customers’ needs allowed Friul Intagli to establish itself both in the Italian and International market, founding a HQ in the US also.