Contract division


Friul Intagli’s design team is highly experienced in tackling the most complex projects. The combination of a highly skilled technical team, a tailored production capacity and an optimized logistical service makes us the perfect partner. Throughout our history we have furnished high-profile skyscrapers with state-of-the-art solutions, luxury hotels with prestigious supplies, latest generation shopping and business centres, hospitals, villas, resorts: a whole host of successful projects.


Fully furnished apartments in skyscrapers all over the world


Offices, banks and waiting rooms

Contract space

Areas for specific uses

Hotel & resort

Complete bedroom furnishings, cabinet and wardrobe space, bathrooms in classic or contemporary styles


Supplies for stores and shopping centres

Community space

Meeting areas, reception areas
Every place can be reached by our solutions: we come all over the world and in all types of spaces to realise any project. Choosing us means relying on a full-service partner that can meet and exceed your expectations.
Tailored solutions

Contract from design
to installation

In the end, what makes this possible is a perfect organisation oriented to excellence. Starting from the floor plans, each piece of furniture is designed down to the smallest details, following the specific needs of the customer.
Home Offices
We have also developed a customised delivery service based on any customer need, in order to simplify and speed up the setup phases.
According to a colour code, all components are produced, transported, and easily sorted across the different floors, ensuring a high process efficiency.
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