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The expansion of Unit 5: a 4.0 challenge
50 years after its foundation, Friul Intagli Industries continues to evolve

As part of the POR FESR 2014-2020 project and needing to expand its production sites, Friul Intagli Industries has set out to totally innovate its plants and achieve greater internal connectivity.
The action of interconnecting production lines started with Unit 5, which was extended by 45,000 square meters; this is a hardware/software infrastructure pilot project for bidirectional data exchange between machines and higher systems.
A complex data acquisition and reading system was created which also controls the automated components through dedicated user interfaces.
This is an intelligent and flexible system that adapts to different plant configurations and constantly monitors and analyses all activities and transmits them to the supervisors of the various production lines in real time.
In addition, the details of each machine are configured so as to provide significant data as far as the setup and environmental conditions, production order and quality produced; this is done in order to track correlations and increase production efficiency.
The Company has set the ambitious goal of extending the new interconnected structure to all production units within the next 2 years.