Michela Copat
Brugnera (PN)
Employee - 46 years old
Today: Incoming Materials Warehouse - Unit 6
Qualification: Business Operator Diploma With the Company since 04/05/2015:
  • Packaging operator
  • Warehouse Incoming Employee

Tell us a little about yourself. What did you do before starting here, at the Company? I’ve been at Friul Intagli since May 2015. Before that, I ran an agritourism business, a totally different world. I found myself in a situation where my life choices changed, so I had to reinvent myself and got a new start with Friul Intagli!

What tasks did you start out with? What did you do next? I started as a simple line packager, working shifts in Unit 6. Then Friul Intagli allowed me to grow both personally and professionally, so now I'm employed in the incoming materials warehouse, handling documents, checking on materials for packaging lines and so on.

What was it like getting used to the production business? Having worked for a business before, its was not that hard. On the contrary, I noticed a valid optimization of flows, computerization system and control of incoming materials.

There are mostly men working here. What was it like fitting in? That’s true, mostly men. Like all new things: difficult but not impossible. Maybe you should ask my colleagues if they have gotten used to working with me! However, despite this, I think that people’s professionalism and maturity can minimize these differences.

Are you satisfied with your current job? Sure. Because it allows me to learn many things that theory alone could not have taught me.

Do you have growth goals for the future? Sure. Sure. Learn more and more, to be more and more indispensable in the future in the great Friul Intagli family. I have a motto: "Never stop learning and growing!» So this is it.